New Workshop Registration System Available

Workshop registration and management is now available through a new performance management software, Cornerstone. In addition to providing a central location to maintain training and employee compliance, it also offers a registration system. Collaborating with HR, materials from WisdomWhere have been migrated to this new system.  Historical data, which includes registrations from previously completed workshops will be migrated in early 2019.

Now that the system is available, here are some actions you should take right away to validate your information:

  • Reconcile rosters and attendance for all workshops held since WisdomWhere was unavailable (November 14th at noon)
  • Add event descriptions (these were not transferred from WisdomWhere)
  • Change “Training Contact” to instructor or generic departmental email address

Instructional Materials (new guides are being added daily)

Admin Guide

End User Guide (how to register for trainings)